Monday, 8 September 2008

My Jewellery Buddy

Since meeting Jayne Wade (a fellow designer) 18months ago at a trade fair, we have kept in touch via emails ever since and recently met up at the IJL (International Jewellery London) to see what's happening in the industry and compare notes.

Like me, Jayne started her jewellery business around the same time as me, based in Chester, and has progressed to where she has approx 35 stockists and recently opened a shop. Although Jayne's jewellery is my competition, I always like to spread the word and help her too, because, like me, Jayne is offering a different choice for customers, for without designers like us, everyone would all be walking around in exactly the same accessories.

What has been interesting and at times, reassuring, is the paralells in which we are both travelling in the jewellery industry, both of us struggling just to keep our businesses going, the never ending battles of getting our jewellery known in the market, the stresses and strains of owning our own businesses, not to mention the lonliness of working from home.

There is no doubt most retailers are suffering as a result of the current economic climate and from walking around the trade fair, the manufacturers are too. It was amazing how many big names in the industry who tried to hit the market running with large marketing budgets, but who are not longer around. Reassuring for both Jayne and I who are building our businesses slowly and, although we don't exhibit, we both hope to be around a while yet.

There wasn't really much to report, from the trade fair from a design point of view either, but one thing was certain, diamond beaded necklaces, like mine, were being snapped up from Indian suppliers!

Jayne has her own label of beautiful and contemporary jewellery design collection available to purchase in her new shop (pictured above) and online at and will soon be stocking some of my jewellery and new candle collection available in store from October.
If you are in the area, this is one shop you definitely wouldn't want to miss!

May I wish Jayne the very bestest of luck in her new and exciting venture.....

Jayne Wade's NEW shop address is: The Cross, High street, Malpas, Cheshire SY14 8QX
Tel: 01948 861219

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