Monday, 8 September 2008

My New Candles

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to create my very own scents to remind me of tropical holidays and living in Australia. It's almost like bottling my childhood in the sun.
After years of dreaming about what makes an exotic scent and my love of candles, I decided to learn about aromatherapy and candle making, so that I could combine the two. I have extensively researched and as always I strive for the best possible quality. In doing so, I now fully understand my need to do this, so that I could not only enjoy them, but also heal.
For some it's drugs and others it's a new car, but after suffering postnatal depression, my mind, body and soul was calling out for nature to help, in the form of essential oils, and so came my need once again to create.
The power of essential oils are awesome, they can change a mood, inspire and even aid ailments.
After months of testing, these little luxuries are ready to market, and I am now just working on the packaging and such before making them available on my website.
I have decided to release the first two or three scents which are:
"Relax" featuring Rosewood, Geranium and Lavender, "Invigorate" with Lemongrass & Ylang Ylang and "Spirit" with Ginger, Lime and Lemongrass. I am holding back the frangipani for a little later.
I am so excited about these new candles, I simply can't wait to get them in the shops! And judging from the responses of those who have received samples and burnt them, it all appears very positive.
Watch this space for more news....

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