Monday, 15 September 2008

Exotic princess

The Frangipani or Plumeria flower..... Devine, simple, perfect.

Known to evoke love! Perhaps that's why when I just look at a picture of a frangipani, my stomach flips with excitement, and why beauty companies tend to use these flowers in their marketing material.

Found around the world, in tropical regions, these flowers are used as offerings in Buddhist temples, planted in cemeteries to honor the dead, used in Chinese herbal medicine to assist in restoring peace and harmony, in beauty as a deep cleanser, found in high grade perfumes, and strung to make leis for greeting visitors to Pacific islands. They have been the inspiration for legends of lost loves and tales of dashing princes. To smell a plumeria is to understand why.

Whilst I have been working on developing my candles, I have meticulously studied the Frangipani, and unfortunately it's aromatherapy grade oil is one of THE most expensive on the market, which is why it is rarely found in aromatherapy candles. If it is used, it's usually only the "fragrance" and not essential oil and so normally wouldn't boast theraputic qualities. But believe me, this stunner is certainly worth the cost, and soon, I hope to bring you the TRUE fragrance of the tropics.

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