Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I've cracked it

After much tinkering and dabbling every night for months, I have finally come up with the essence of my childhood memories.
Frangipani has always been my favourite flower, probably because we had trees in our gardens when I was growing up and their fragrance was so pungent and signaled the prospect of summer. Smelling it's essence now fills me with warmth, the sweet feeling of the sun upon my skin, simply because I had a joyful childhood by a beautiful beach.
Our garden in sunny Cronulla, Southern Beaches of Sydney, had a fab pool, tropical garden and huge pergola with built-in BBQ and Mum and Dad always put on the best parties for family and friends to enjoy. From Hawaiian nights to Toga parties, we did it. Usually the police would call to request we turn the music down (those of you who know me, this should sound familiar).

Scents of Paradise - The Frangipani!

So several months ago, I embarked on the challenge of making aromatherapy candles with the prospect of capturing this idealistic childhood memory in candle form.
Aromas have always played an important part of my life as they take me away to tropical fantacies of white sandy beaches and never-ending sunny days.
Wonderful aromas always fill our house (not just curries) and visitors always ask what essential oil candles I am burning.
Now that I have finally captured my own essence, soon they will be available to share through my website and hopefully the Welsh Hamper Company who are excited to feature them in their hampers.
Watch this space....

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Jean G Dayton said...

Thats fantastic Melinda - what a lovely thing, looking forward to sampling the candles. likewise i am always burning some oils or incense in my home - i often light some incense when i am working in my studio. Anyway, thats got me thinking now about what the essence of my childhood would be, what an interesting topic.