Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I have just received my painting from Jean Dayton and I am very pleased indeed!
I commissioned the artist to paint a beach scene of my daughters to remind me of glorious sunny holidays spent playing at the beach. Seeing this, takes me away from the grey cloudy rainy days.
What a truly satisfying feeling, commissioning an artist not for investment, but purely for pleasure and I thoroughly recommend it.
Of course, one could argue that photos are better, and we certainly have plenty framed and awaiting a slot on my dressing table or mantle, needless to say there are only so many spaces and the house is starting to look like an old peoples home!
I love original art and I intend on filling my home with it, in various forms. This way, I have the memory of my two beautiful girls playing at the beach captured forever on canvas. Brilliant!
As always, I am delighted to share my secrets. Jean's work can be found at where you can also read about commissioning the artist!

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