Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Happily Marrieds

Here are friends from Cowbridge, Helen Alden, who tied the knot with Mike Reilly. A big "Congratulations" goes out to our happy couple who drank in the hot Tuscan sun & sipped cool champagne with friends and family last August.
Sadly, not long after this wonderful day, Helen's beloved father passed away. So this is dedicated to Jeff Alden.
Helen wears the V07 Necklace (on snake chain) and Earrings in White & I have to say she looks just gorgeous.

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Anonymous said...

Having just heard the news about Jeff Alden... A truly great man and much missed. I'm glad that he was at this wonderful day.

My thoughts tonight are with his family. Mr Alden was somebody who cared about people and planet and supported every person he could in a professional, friendly manner.

From the school, to the backroom of The Duke and beyond, he will be remembered (as a teacher and friend).