Monday, 18 August 2008

Tahitian Dreaming....

There have been so many different types of crafts I have played with over the years, silk painting, cake decorating/sugar crafting, abstract painting, more recently candle making to name a few and certainly nothing is more fulfilling (apart from giving birth to a beautiful baby) than realising the fruits of one's labours.
When a blank canvas presents itself in front of me, it takes a while to get acquainted, usually with several glasses of Cava!
Whilst I wouldn't proclaim to be an artist in this field, it's truly amazing how confidence and my sheer willingness to try, allows me to forget I am a novice.
The weather has been horrendous this summer, especially with the kids off school, so I decided to immerse myself in painting with a dream of taking me away to sunny distant shores.
I remembered my visit to Tahiti when I was about 15 years old and I immediately felt excited and compelled to get started.
The memories of mangos flooding the roads, white beaches, glimmering turquoise waters, and the dreamy smiles of the local ladies surrounded by tropical floral delights.
My painting actually allowed me to forget about the weather and I was in fantasy land.
These creative elements in my life allows me to grow and fuels my determination to drive myself further into the unknown. I am now looking forward to progressing this lady, along with more Cava....
Ah, what a great feeling.

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