Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Seeds of creation

I thought I should unveil my past influences that have shaped me into the creative lass I am today...

Throughout the years I have turned my hand (or at least tried) at anything that challenges and interests me such as brickwork, landscape gardening, silk and acrylic painting, cake decorating, sewing, furniture making etc, and in more recent years, writing poetry. Yet, here’s the real irony; if you asked me to draw a picture, expect to see an unrecognisable stick figure depicting something child-like and unsophisticated. Perhaps it's my lack of concentration. However, through some mysterious work of nature, imagination and my hands, I have connected!

I actually don't feel like it's art I produce, but just love producing things with my hands and being creative which is a far cry from selling advertising. In fact, this gift comes from a long line of creatives in my family which I have only recently tapped into. So I am dedicating this post to my family in Australia who inspired me to follow a wondrous path of self-discovery.
First and foremost, without a doubt my Mum showed me how to use my hands and imagination, whether it be through cooking, painting, sewing, sculpting, floristry and so much more but also instilled a keen eye for detail and quality of craftsmanship which is one of my driving forces. Whatever she turned her hand to, Mum did with dedication and love, but certainly not for monetary gain (very much like myself). She has and continues to produce some beautiful work.

Whilst my father may have been into avionics as a fulltime job, he could also turn his hand to most things around the house (fortunately like my husband) and built some great features like a swimming pool for starters. Not many people know, however, that his vast knowledge of the English language stretched to writing poetry and I am looking forward to the day when he may share his writings.

Many of my Aunties produce amazing treats of all kinds like my Aunty Kay, a fine artist and teacher who has exhibited in some illustrious museums in Australia and is someone I have always admired. Most of my Aunties are clever little knitters and/or sewers, one is an amazing Opera Singer, another is an incredible seamstress. In fact, all of my family are amazing in some way or another and all have one thing in common. They are fabulous cooks and well, actually, they also know how to have fun (for those who know me, this should all sound familiar).

It's any wonder why I produce so much and continue to evolve. With such incredible talents influencing my development, it would be a crime not too!

Thank you to my family for being so very clever. Mxx

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