Friday, 10 July 2009

Moroccan Rose

T'is the wedding season! British Summertime in total bloom and at it's best this year....
Several brides this season have requested I conjure a new candle scent to absolutely drench their wedding celebrations and fill their memories of new beginings shared.

What better way to celebrate a magical day when 2 souls become 1 with the world's most romantic scent of a Rose. And not just any rose would do. The sublime Moroccan rose was my ultimate choice and is one of the most traditionally used scents in the "old school" perfumuries of France, when simulation "frangrance oils" were yet to be invented.

This exquisite bouquet is captured with my secret blend and is so special and expensive, I am savouring it for customers who really appreciate it's pure indulgent magic. Which is why it can only be ordered via email:


Anonymous said...

I am having my wedding next spring, I would like to discuss having these candles for the ceremony and reception, both are at the same hotel. Can I buy a sample?
Nat Spencer

Melinda Mulcahy said...

I only have one size which burns for more than 40 hours.
Please email me