Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New Organic Soap

Now I know what you're all thinking, "how does she get the time?" I'm certainly anything but organised, but I am efficient. You should see my studio, it's like a bomb has hit it, there's shards of silver and paperwork everywhere. Which reminds me, I must clean it up.

Anyway... So it's the end of the school year and I was racking my brain about what to give the teachers as a little "Thank You" token gesture from my kids. Bearing in mind there are 7 teachers between the two classes + the invaluable receptionist, the gifts needed to be reasonably inexpensive. Also as it's predominately from the girls, it needed to be something they could help with, without causing me too much stress. So I investigated soap making and VoilĂ !
Made with love (plus some kiddy giggles and cuddles) using essential oils (of course) with a completely organic soap recipe, which gives a nice foamy lather, topped with some dried flower elements (great for exfoliating or just leaving bits in the bath). Before I could get them on this blog, my first batch (some 50 bars) had already sold out and at £1.85 for deliciously fragrant organic soap, it's any wonder!

Available in 3 different scents:
Rose Geranium
Lemongrass & Lime

Email me to place your orders on sales@melindamulcahy.com

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