Monday, 13 July 2009

Gold Rush

I have been procrastinating and researching the introduction of a gold line for some time, especially as certain customers prefer and request it, but price, quality and availability, has always been a concern, until now..... Finally, I am taking a huge leap into finishing my jewellery in Yellow Gold, but not as you would know it.
There is a wonderfully exciting product on the market called Vermeil which is actually solid Sterling Silver coated with 24ct Yellow Gold and I have been trying to source a quality supplier for about a year now as this product is hard to come by and has not been sold at the usual jewellery industry trade fairs.

I recently found a great supplier that beautifully handcrafts each Sterling Silver component, then, using a special technique (which meets FTC Standards of 100 millionths of an inch) of layering fine 24ct Yellow Gold over the Silver making this product the finest and most durable I have seen on the market to date. The price difference is only a 10% (approx) increase of the basic precious metal cost + whatever gemstones, pearls etc I use, so it's a reasonably affordable increase to swallow.

As my jewellery is precious I decided to go down this route not only to set my jewellery apart from the many designers out there now who make similar jewellery, but because it's become very in vogue again (after over 15 years of silver taking the lime light). The use of plated gold base metals mixed with gemstones and other quality materials, would be sacrilege in my opinion! On the other hand, of course, solid gold, even 9ct would be too expensive for me to sell and it is really difficult to obtain the variety of beads and findings I require to make my jewellery. Vermeil flawlessly bridges the gap between the latest fashion trend of Yellow Gold without compromising on quality (which is something I never compromise) and without the massive price hike. Bonus!

Over the next season I will be introducing some designs in Vermeil, so keep a watchful eye here, if you prefer a gold finish.

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Anonymous said...

Finally I looked up your blog site - very impressive & I must say you are an inspiration - how do you do ALL that you do with 2 Pre-Schoolers (as gorg. as they are - where do you find the time??? )
You must live on 2 hours sleep a night!
I so did NOT even know that you do aromatherapy candles - if you have room in your bags in Oct. - I would love to buy one of your signature scents..........let me know if you can pop one or two in......( !?! )
You are just so clever & talented!
Cudos to you.......
Loads of love,
Kate & Flood Co.