Friday, 24 June 2011

Small batch problem

So I changed the first lot of keyrings bought from a very reputable source in the UK as the opening on 2 items out of a hundred or so didn't open far enough to insert a key. They were in fact some of the most expensive on the market but were causing me 2 out of 100 problems too many as I aim for 200% customer satisfaction.
I thought I had resolved this problem by finding another supplier, slightly different design, but still a lovely mechanism and no probs with fitting keys on. Although I know on occassion they might need male muscles to unscrew at first, but that's a good thing as you don't want to be losing your keys, right?
But as silver prices have sored I am actually losing money on each keyring I sell on NOTHS in order that I clear NOTHS commission, and I was going to pull them until after the catalogue when I would be able to increase the price. But I though was doing dis-service to my customers.
All's well until 2 days ago, when I find out after 3 customers complained they're plectrum or postcard had come off the jump ring. After investigation, it transpired that my supplier had provided the incorrect strength of jump ring and a small batch sent out were not holding. As you can imagine I'm completely mortified! I have offered to replace the ring immediately.
Then I get a really negative comment via the FEEFO system, even though I have offered to fix the ring for this customer. Needless to say, I was really down this morning, slitting wrist kind, when I saw this comment. Especially as she also said the plectrum was flimsy!
Has anyone seen a real plastic plectrum? Well the ones I make, might I add, in solid .999 Fine Silver, are much larger and thicker than the real life ones, so I really can't understand why someone would say it's flimsy!
Above: One of my unfinished fine silver plectrums next to a real life plastic plectrum. Does this look flimsy to you?

Have I also mentioned my creations are not brought in from China which was mass produced on a production line with robots so they are cloned. I dedicate over 1 hour of my time to hand craft each fine silver item for each individual customer, which is quiet a lot of time in this day and age.
So I thought I would cheer myself up and check out my nice comments. I was blown away! All cheered up now, I thought I would share some with you....
  • 17 Jun 2011
    We required the plectrum as a gift for our best man, at short notice Melinda very kindly rushed through our order and ensured we had it on the day. It arrived in perfect condition and beautifully gift wrapped. It was a beautiful gift, well made and beautifully presented. Excellent service!!!!!
  • 19 Jun 2011

    Perfect - arrived on time and very original for a graduation present. thank you

  • 17 Jun 2011

    i bought this as a gift for my fiancé who was THRILLED! It was so quick to arrive and was exquisitely wrapped up! Thank you!

  • 15 Jun 2011
    The plectrum was perfect, exactly what i was hoping for and fingers crossed will be a hit! Only criticism is that the leather necklace that i chose for it to come with is not very long and think it will be too tight for my partner to wear, despite being advertised as a gift for fathers day - I contacted the customer upon hearing the length was too short and have offered to replace length of necklace with 20inch, so customer very pleased!
  • 13 Apr 2011

    It's a gift for my husband to be, so he hasn't received it yet... But I love it!

  • 28 Feb 2011
    Everything worked out great with the order, and I had great personal communication with the seller. The only thing that may have been improved is the delivery - as it arrived after Valentine's Day - but that wasn't a huge inconvenience. Overall very pleased! - Customer advised late delivery was due to Royal Mail putting item in an obscure place which customer didn't find until after Valentines Day?
I am getting lots of people saying that it's not much silver for £50, but they obviously don't realise the global market prices for silver and gold has trebled in the last 3 years and I have been trying to absorb these increases. Compare my product the one below (not mine), which is essentially the same thing with a kiddies pic on it for £130 with cheaper keyring, I think you will agree mine is very good value for money!

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