Monday, 20 June 2011


I've been celebrating the busiest period my business has ever seen, with the lead up to Father's Day orders, and after taking a well deserved break this weekend, I can see from my forward booked sales, that it isn't stopping just yet!
It's absolutely fantastic to finally see the fruits of my labours and I'm getting stopped all the time from parents on school run when I bounce the girls off in my MBT's, what I'm so happy about. Words escape me. Recalling only February last year I was so depressed about my sales that I was re-thinking why my sorry arse was making, when no-one was buying. And on only the second attempt, I got accepted on NOTHS then there was no looking back.
Of course it's been big a learning curve on there, trying to produce new concepts that stand out from all the rest and are what people want, not to mention getting organised throughout the year to get the most from events like Valentine's Day etc. So I thought I would take this opportunity to credit those who make it all happen:

Customers: Without you, I wouldn't have a business. So, high fiving it over to you.
Photography: Oh, that will be me!
Web updates on NOTHS,, etsy, blog: Um, well that's me too!
Graphics: Me
Marketing: Me
Concept & product development: Oooh, me again.
Crafting of jewellery: That is of course only going to be me.
Crafting of Fine Silver Gifts: me, with help sanding late into the night during busy periods by my husband. Thanks Andrew x
Tooling advancement: Andrew.
Accounting: Andrew, cause I don't do money very well.
Soldering: Me!
Collating & Packaging orders: me too.
Walking orders to post office: me & the kids with bribbary by way of ice lollies!
Lovely Post Office Lady: Lynn. Your the best!
Post office queuing during busy periods with bulk dispatches: Dan, the man with the muscles and the van - Thanks Dan x
Purchasing: Me again.
Printing: Hadyn Prior, which reminds me I need to pay his invoice, oooppps! Oh, actually he hasn't invoiced me.... Must remind him.
Cleaner to keep me sane: Magda (please don't ever leave me!)
Customer Services & enquiries: Me
General dogs body duties like making coffee: Me
Website SEO: Blaine. Well done on the top of first page of Google for handmade jewellery.
Advertising: hahahahahaha, just kidding, I don't do any!
Patience and understanding during busy periods: My wonderful girls whom "I love all the way to the moon, past the stars and beyond!"
And lastly, weekly chats with my invaluable friends and hiphop classes keep my route to discovery a humorous and meaningful one!

Thank you all.

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