Friday, 10 June 2011

ramblings of truth

I absolutely can not believe the price of Fine Silver Clay has just doubled in price, literally over night and for no real reason. Nothing short of a monopoly if you ask me! There are only two companies, both Japan based, that produce this product and I have seen artisans around the world enjoy the fruits of they're clever product, but that will all change.
For this reason, and the fact NOTHS have advised I am legally held to contract concerning prices, due to fair trade (which doesn't cover my little business's needs and financial requirements to get paid) until the catalogue expires in July, so I have to hold my prices.
I have already witnessed it's victims in business falling around me. Good suppliers, now gone. Perhaps this may also deter independent artisans from working with ArtClay and PMC for the love of it, as I once did. It has taken me 2 years of developing and honing my skills to get this product to the standards I can now boast.
And it's any wonder I am in this position, when offering free delivery (which believe it or not is not accounted for in my costings) customers choose to purchase within days, even minutes of each order, to the same address, taking full advantage of "free delivery" which is totally flat-lining any possible profit. But this is just a sign of our throw-away mentality that my business has been caught up with, the down side of being part of a multi-national community of businesses that aren't makers. For this reason, I have decided to withdraw free delivery on NOTHS, although it's still free on my website, in order that I can somehow combat these massive price hikes.
Oh and I was pushed into offering "express" delivery, for no financial gain to myself, and for orders that I can not make in anything less than 48 hours, so the only thing I got out of it was a stomach ulcer! People, I am not NEXT delivery!!
I am deeply concerned about my business's future. Will my business withstand yet another financial storm? Perhaps my darkest days are just around the corner.....
Just venting, you understand! It's been a tough couple of days!
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