Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Going to the Polo

I love horses and I'm really getting back into them especially as my eldest child wanted a pony party for her 7th Birthday!
Ever since I moved over to the UK, some 17+ years ago, I have always wanted to see a Polo match and I thought of a great sponsorship concept of watching the polo in the marquee with a glass of champagne whilst enjoying the beautiful aromatics of my INVIGORATING aromatherapy candles.
I called the lovely chap who organises the Polo in Cardiff, Geoff Lloyd, with my sponsorship suggestion and he reminded me about a very valid point when having candles for a marquee event: Health & Safety.
Geoff initially stated that an open flame in a marquee/tent was too risky until I re-leaved his concerns after explaining the candles are presented in a glass container just for this reason. He agreed scented candles would be an interesting and memorable touch to the event so Melinda Mulcahy candles are now sponsoring the St David's Polo in Coopers field this Sunday.
I then proceeded to book some tickets for myself and my special guest/customer/friend Cathie to join me as I knew she had a new/first pair of Louboutins practically jumping out of their un-opened box at a sheer sniff of a social event. Only one problem, our heels would be ruined with the grass!! Hhmmmm. Wedges? Difficult to buy out of session in sandal form...
As always I love to share new finding with my readers and after a little bit of searching, I found this amazing heel stopper (click pic for link) which I have ordered for the day with some spares for future grass events when, no doubt, I will be making the Polo a regular highlight in my calender. Set! Brilliant! Just hoping for good weather.....
If you wish to join Cardiff's not so shiny glitterati, for Polo tickets go to St David's Polo and don't forget to mention you it from me. Kerching.... Cheers!

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