Wednesday, 14 July 2010

NEW Personalised Wedding Ring Bowl

There are so many accessories to buy and etiquette details to consider when organising a wedding. So what is the significance of the Ring Bearer and what accessories are required to fulfil the role?

The wedding party is often chosen by the Bride and Groom to show their respect to the ones who mean the most in their lives and make them feel apart of the wedding. Often these duties are filled by friends and/or family and in more formal weddings the Bridal Party is often much larger incorporating extras such as the flower girl or Ring Bearer, both adorable additions to any wedding party as they are often children aged between 3-6. Whilst there is no set number of Bridesmaids or Groomsmen, there is only ONE Ring Bearer.

Since the wedding rings in Western cultures symbolise the eternal love and commitment of the Bride and Groom given within the marriage ceremony, the symbolic wedding ring is usually made of precious metals and plays a significant role in the ceremony itself in terms of blessing and bonding the marriage. The giving of the rings is traditionally highlighted by the Ring Bearer as the rings are tied to a decorative cushion or pillow and is held out in front of the chosen participant to emphasize this significance of the rings as an offering.

The wedding ring bearer dates back from the Roman and Egyptian old traditions when a crude cloth was used to carry silver and gold stones as gifts for the Bride and Groom but become more established in Christian cultures in the early Victorian era with the emergence of middle class wealth to display their riches. Today, a pillow carries the wedding rings, however in recent years, the rings are often replaced by fake rings, and the real rings are entrusted with the Best Man. Even if the ring bearer may just be for display, it is still regarded as an important duty within the day's events.

The ring bearing pillow or cushion is often embellished and embroidered with a personalised message like the date of the wedding, a special saying like “To Have and To Hold”, or even a poem. Varying styles are also available, for instance a colour is often chosen to match the Bridesmaids, the style may reflect the theme of the wedding or season in which the wedding takes place, whilst the Ring Bearer, usually a boy, is dressed to match the Groomsmen in a formal suit or tuxedo.

The latest trend, when the couple don’t have someone to fit the human role of the ring bearer is to incorporate their pet, usually dogs or cats fitted with a harness or strap with which to tie the cushion to the back of the neck for all the wedding guests to see the rings as the animal trots down the aisle. Though not everyone's cup of tea.

The Ring Bearing cushion or pillow, in my opinion is now a little outdated and therefore open to more contemporary concepts. I have introduced a contemporary representation of the cushion which is designed as a delicate souvenir to be cherished as a reminder of a special occasion, including an Anniversary.

With the amazing new product PMC, I created my own interpretation of a ring bearing accessory. This wedding ring bowl in fine silver can be personalised and even imprinted/stamped to reflect the wedding. The wedding ring bowl has 2 holes to thread a ribbon which in turn secures the wedding rings for the event and can also be made into a small loop style handle for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle. The wedding ring bowl is also a very practical wedding keepsake which can later be used on the bedside table of the Groom to not only embrace an item of importance such as wedding ring if he so chooses to take it off, but also remind him of the date of the wedding, so the Groom/Husband has no excuse to forget to celebrate the Anniversary of each special year they share together..

As the wedding ring bowl is handmade with precious metal in a more contemporary style, like the ring bearing cushion, it too can be personalised in line with today's current trends to incorporate sentimental words like the nuptials, a poem or whatever message the Bride/Groom chooses. The personalised wedding ring bowl may even be given by the Mother-of-the-Bride or M-O-T-Groom as an extra gift to show their respect and blessing of the union. It may even been given as an Anniversary present!

A personalised wedding ring bowl hand-sculpted in .999 fine silver is a really lovely memento of two hearts joining to be treasured forever whilst adding a fresh and sophisticated polish befitting more discerning weddings.

Available to order on my handmade jewellery website, ensuring to email details of your special message and can be made with or without holes. Please allow up to 21 days for this item to be handmade.


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