Monday, 1 March 2010

Hitting 60

Upon completing the lengthy experiment of burning my aromatherapy candles from start to finish (in order to calculate the burn times) I have now successfully completed all trials of my NEW wax recipe with staggering results and surpassing my own expectations. It's a hard life when I have to burn my candles every night, but someone has to do it!

The result: They burn for an unbelievable 60 hours!

With such pure and amazing ingredients, now they are even more cost effective than the ones before. A great deal at £13.50!

I don't do offers, because I believe you should only pay for exactly what it is. You've already got the best offer! Value for money, every time. Another great reason why my customers always return for more.

Denise Owen, Massage Therapist recently told me she had "the best night's sleep with the RELAX candle". She is now stocking the candles along with The Celtic Knot, Welsh shop in Cowbridge.

John Griffiths in Camden, London emailed to thank me for "brightening his winter blues" with an Invigorate candle.

I have now decided to add ALL mybeautiful scented candles onto my new website,
available to purchase at:

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