Friday, 12 March 2010

Harmonising tips for mind body spirit

When someone leaves the earth to explore other great tapestries of the universe, it reminds me, life is so short. Whatever you care about, do it. Sometimes we are afraid to live our dreams until something makes us realise that, this is our moment. Please don't be afraid to open your heart to others, you have nothing to lose.
I am often asked how I remain so positive and full of energy. A friend recently told me she can barely cop w
ith the horrendous winter blues she is having, so it was my turn to prop her up and I thought I should share with my reader too. If you're feeling fed up, sad, drained, tired, here are my simple tips you can easily incorporate into your life to harmonise your mind, body and spirit.

Get ready to blow your blues away, put the bounce back in your step and enjoy looking ahead to your wonderous future.

1). Nature's healing - talk a long walk by the sea or around a park all by yourself and listen to the breeze as you positively take in the beauty of nature. Concentrate on breathing in the fresh air.
2). Take time to pamper yourself especially when you ar
e feeling low. Use natural products with essential oils for natural therapy like a great soak in the bath with a sea salt scrub and burn that aromatherapy candle you bought from me, don't just leave it on your mantle to gather dust!

3). Do yoga. It's a proven combination of physical exercise, breathing techniques and meditation to promote a healthy flow of energy in the physical body and calm mind.
4). Eat chocolate without feeling guilty. My Nana used to say "Take your time with chololate, it's a delicacy, with little tiny bites and really savor every moment."
5). Keep a diary of your feelings and allow yourself to feel each one without pushing them away. Whenever possible, don't let it fester, you'll feel better if you talk it through with a friend.
6). If possible, go to the sun. For an instant feel good fling, book a week to somewhere tropical. Otherwise, try "wish you were here" moments and scower the internet for pictures of tropical places for an instant lift or book a beauty treatment with your therapist.
7). Laugh - stop being so serious
8). Be grateful - feel fortunate for even the simplist things and cherish that moment. Book a coffee break with your favourite friend in your favourite cafe and natter, natter, natter.
9). Listen to music
10). Cook yourself a special meal that's light and summery.

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