Thursday, 18 March 2010

Greg's Recipe

Summery foods are feel great foods, usually light and without the carbs.

My latest and best recipe for the moment (I can't get enough of it) is something my cousin Greg invented and I got to taste whilst I was out in Sydney last November and is like nothing I have ever tasted before. I am dedicating this to my Uncle Ted with love (was the last time I saw him):

Fry Rice Noodles (the super thin clear/white ones) in light olive or Sesame oil
Finely chopped red chillies (if you like it hot)
Large dash of Fish Sauce and Soy Sauce (not too much of either though)
Fresh White Crab Meat, I know it's very time consuming and messy but well worth the preparation time (if you can't be bothered, John West out of the tin will do the trick)
Serve with a hefty squeeze of fresh Lime Juice all over
Garnish with chopped Spring Onions & fried red chillies in olive oil. Voila!

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