Friday, 15 May 2009

The universe...

You may have noticed that I have little quotations from various philosophers, mostly "Buddha" dotted around this blog. As a Sagittarius, we are known to be vivacious and frivolous, which works great at parties. But as an artist working alone, being on an emotional rollercoaster has fuelled my artistic juices and has moulded me into a deep thinker (no drugs involved). Otherwise, it could just be that time of life (of the crisis kind)! For instance, I have started to write poems?!?

I have always been a spiritual soul allowing me the wonderful ability to give back to the universe, unconditionally. More recently, however, I have drawn inspiration from Jean who posts enlightenment videos which I use regularly to keep me focused and positive and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone "searching" for more.

Check out the "Wellness Experience" on YouTube for spiritual well being, go to the bottom of this blogsite to view a video of "Colour" or go for a walk in a park or by the sea and take in nature and all it's glories.

Anyway, Jean, Thank you. I really am not worthy!!!

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