Friday, 15 May 2009

Technology, who needs it?

Whilst I have received a little bit of help from fellow blogger, artist and now friend Jean Dayton, who is way ahead of me in terms of technology (she is on everything from YouTube to Flickr) just so every one knows, I'm proud to say that I built this blog all by my lonesome. I only hope viewers are enjoying my blog as much as I am enjoying making it?

Hopefully you will be seeing the use of multimedia, now that I have finally come to grips with flickr, I can now make the pictures into videos (whaaaoooooo). I have so many pictures of jewellery now, I (well my husband) has had to set up a mega-gazzillion hard drive (whatever that means). And I am astonished at the amount of jewellery artists on flickr. It's certainly become a great resource and in fact, if you want to see some beautiful pictures, you really don't have to look far.

I am also amazed at what one can achieve without paying for it! For instance, I recently made a video short using some pictures of a weekend break and added it to YouTube. Of course, it's certainly not worth viewing, as I was only playing, but I can see it's potential (not my potential as a moviemaker you understand). And as my computer died for almost a week, not so long ago, I didn't know what to do with myself. How else would I keep up with what my friends are doing on facebook? I realise now, I can't live without it.

Technology, I so need it!

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