Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Credit - Oh how I love The

This month, I decided to list what's making me smile like a cheshire cat!

1). First on the scene for the biggest ever Jon Ian Sale, bought in total 3 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of wedges (inc Lulu Guiness), 1 pair mushroom suede/snake peep-toes (perfect wedding material) + 1 pair of black leather summer comfies, 1 pair of bright red sparkly leather pumps (shopping shoes) + 1 never-ending black suede bag on the cc (credit card).

2). Spruced up summer wardrobe with M&S colourful basics on cc (again) + Miss Sixty Jeans from Littlewoods, hhhhmmmmm

3). Second hand caravan bought on a whim and a hangover, inc motor mover and all kitted out with summer melamine dinner wear. Every trip is now an adventure - perfect inspiration for some paintings

4). BarryM eye powder in 3 new bright-alicious colours & a trip to my favourite hair dresser

5). Cling-ons no longer requiring I wipe their little bots & i'm lovin their ages right now.

6). Lost weight and feeling great

7). Booked trip back to Oz to see family, be bridesmaid at best friend's wedding, and catch up with old schoolies for reunion

8). Agreed gal-pals long weekend on the razz in Spain

9). Had secret something done

10). The warmth of the Sun - PRICELESS :)

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Anonymous said...

love this, and number 9 made me smile, don't worry your secret's safe with me.