Thursday, 28 May 2009

Am i falling behind?

Age thirty something, I am starting to feel like I'm being left behind within the electronic ether.
I have been checking out loads of different blogs today (in between having to entertain kids during school holidays) and I can't seem to work out the need for all these bloomin networks?
So Flickr is an online database for photos and negates the potential for a huge hardrive - I get that, it's very useful and allows me to make my portfolios more interesting with a slideshow effect.
And Facebook hooked me up with some old friends from school which was great given that I moved to the other side of the earth. But do I really need another account for my jewellery?
Then I'm obviously here blogg'en on blogspot, which I thoroughly enjoy (but sometimes need to step away)
But Twitter? Hmmm, do I really need to spend more time on the keyboard?
Believe it or not, I do actually have a life where real people live and grow outside of this matrix!
And I need to keep an element of anonymity.
But if I don't do it, am I missing business opportunities?

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