Sunday, 1 July 2012

Star design

It's been such a long time since I blogged that I can't believe where the time has gone other than making so many lovely customers happy with their purchases.
And of course, soooo many new designs, when I'm not making good order, I just don't know where to begin..
flip to gold or silver, can be personalised

I am loving stretching what is fast being my signature style of mixing gold and silver in new designs and there are certainly more to come this year. For this coming Christmas I released the new star charm on bangle which quickly got snapped up by the Huffington Post Fashion writer Sarah McGiven and here it is in the 4th of July celebration peace.  She's a great blogger too!
In seeing this feature in the Huffington post, Laura my 7 year old fashion girl picked the hot pants and sleeveless star top, just her style!

Ever since I designed this flashing silver and gold star bangle, I have not only received great reviews, but I have worn it myself (whenever I'm not in my studio working) and even had ladies stop me at the airport whilst on a quick break in Portugal!  I pair it with the new gold heart on sterling silver bangle and large hoops with gold heart earrings for great movement and a flashes of light.  Now all 3 new gold/silver designs are available to purchase on my website.

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