Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy shiny nails

One of my friends just returned from a sunny holiday flashing her lovely tan AND these amazing gold foil toenails (yes I know the above are hands). They look like solid gold.  Where have I been?  Errr in my studio.
Anyways, next day, I'm at the local swimming pool taking my kids to their lessons and I see 2 other mother's wearing different designs with this same foil on their toes, one with a cook black and white check, so now I'm thinking I'd better get me some for my hols later this year.
I've done a quick search and found a huge selection including a Rio Nail Foiling kit on Argos, although I have to cringe at patterns and stick on rhinestones (not my style).  Nor would I have them on my fingernails, but I just love the gold on twinkle toes, perfect for seaside holidays, and I've just spotted plum too. Immediately hooked.  The above picture is from Rio Nails Metalix kits

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