Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Along came Amber

All too often, I am disappointed to receive an item purchased online which literally didn't measure up to my expectations, all because the picture didn't show anything to measure it up with, even though all the measurements were given.  It's actually quick hard to work out how big something is, like jewellery for instance.

At least when I'm madly scouting the net-a-porter sale, I can quickly gauge the size of an item before seriously considering it, because they always show accessories on a model.  So I thought, what a great idea!  Perhaps I should do the same.

Then along came Amber!  My latest model and friend.  I saved her from some very dull industrial unit, where she was literally chocking in bubble wrap.  Ha, hum (and actually between you and I, hoping she could surprise me with a good sort out of my very messy work desk whilst I'm sleeping).

I had to pierce her earlobes, so that I could thread earrings. A little more crude than they do in Claire's Accessories with my pedestal drill, made a little bit of a mess of the backs, but she didn't complain.  And every now and again, I will be detaching her arm so I can photograph some bracelets, but I promise to be gentle.

No doubt you will be seeing a lot more of this bubbling blonde modeling my jewellery, as I slowly update all the pictures on my website.  I am sure she will be a great guide to purchasing from now on....

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