Monday, 7 March 2011

Silver Smithing

Along with everything going on in my lift, I have also managed to squeeze in a weekly silver smithing class which I started last year, so have been practicing my soldering skills, which I need for making cufflinks. When I am a little more confident, I will consider a set of stud earrings to add to my collection. Small steps as they say!
But I have been eager to make rings for myself, and the first was just a simple round hammered one, nothing to blog about. Especially to incorporate one of my favourite stones, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.
I decided on a flat oval and had the challenge of covering the holes where I would normally thread, set in a rather organic obtuse bezel setting so that the stone lays gently against my skin to harnise it's powers by absorbing negativity, transmuted into useful energy.

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