Sunday, 6 March 2011

Photographing jewellery

I have taught myself how to photograph my own jewellery ever since I began making it, especially after suffering two costly and disastrous experiences with so called "professional" photographers who, say they can photograph jewellery then charge the earth, squabble over the photo's I can actually use, and worst of all, most where out of focus! Through bitter experience, it's actually horrifying how many professional photographers can't actually photograph jewellery and if they can focus on the jewellery, they often can't style it.
There is soooo much to consider when photographing jewellery, lighting, backgrounds, keep away from reflective surfaces etc. After upgrading to an amazing G10, and improving my styling which is also extremely important when it comes to selling your work, my photographs have really improved, along with sales. Now, I never have to worry about copy-write, I take my own photos the minute I make something new and this self-taught skill has seen amazing results.
So much so, that I was asked by a friend, Anne Morgan, to photograph some of her work for a competition. Anne is not only a lovely lady, but a very talented and renowned silversmith, and now Chair of Wales' new Contemporary Jewellery Association, whilst still making time to also teach me silver smithing every week. As she flits between trade fairs, there is little time for organizing photography which she sends away for.
Here are some samples which I hope she deems good enough to grace her website and her very own Not On The High Street shopfront, where she also sells her work. I think these studs look great against a gray plank of driftwood I found along Newton beach!

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