Thursday, 17 July 2008

Who's the model?

Oh, let me introduce JoEmma Lavin, she's basically the face of my jewellery. Lovely, isn't she!
She's probably the most perfect person i have ever since in real life. But then i don't get out much. I still wonder if her lips are real, they are amazing. I did try to get the plastic surgeon's number, but she assures me they are really real. Bugger.
We had a great photo shoot that day and she certainly made it look easy. She was extremely professional and experienced, each shot was amazing and she knew just what to do.
Since meeting her last year, we get together for lunch from time to time and she tells me snippets of her celebrity filled life, like her recent trip to Vegas. Though she never boasts, it's just not her.
Actually, she is also girlfriend to Boxer Joe Calzaghe, so she certainly gets out and about, because he has had a phenomenal year in the media (oh and in the ring of course). Though when i interviewed her for the modeling job, and she mentioned his name, i (stock, horror) didn't have a clue who the hell he was. Then again, if i passed him in the street, i still wouldn't have a clue. Shame on me. I am, however, led to believe he is rather dishy!
I am in the process of conjuring up something a bit more artistic for the next photo shoot, which i am hoping JoEmma will do again for me. please, please with cherry on top.
Also, if i get the time and money to put together a launch, as i am working on something in the pipeline, no doubt JoEmma will be there to support me as a friend and jewellery lover. I say with confidence.
If you go onto the website, you will see loads more pictures of JoEmma wearing the jewellery and, as always, looking absolutely gorgeous.

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