Thursday, 17 July 2008

Charity of Choice

It's so easy to choose a Charity on the based of what i intend to receive from publicity. I know loads of local Charities that, if supported, will guarantee coverage in the media of some sort and that's how some businesses choose their charity.
There is nothing better than getting all dolled up and hob-knobbing it in your posh dress and black tie, alongside fellow businesswomen/men and high society. You also get to see the fruits of your donation in that the charity and it's representatives will be there to invite you back to the next society ball next year, perhaps with the promise of a celebrity flyby!
However, i'm a little deeper than that and for so long, i have wanted to wholeheartedly help someone somewhere in the world. It's almost as if i've been planning for this moment all my life and i want to make it absolutely perfect. Perhaps i've just been inadvertently programmed by the adverts on tv?
Africa has always pulled on my heartstrings, and even more so after having children. I know there are so many dieing, particularly babies and children, so every little penny counts. However, i also know that sometimes the money that is donated is diluted when it reaches it's destination.
I have tossed and turned over how i can make my support go the furthest and I am yet to decide how it will end. One, most likely thought, is that i will travel there myself loaded with a suitcase full of offerings, alternatively, hand over a wad of cash.
What i do know is that this decision will not be taken lightly and may require imput from further afield. My friends and acquaintances, take note! Cause i will be hitting you hard for ideas, donations and support.
So please do watch this space for my decision, progress and it's effects when i log any progress, soon.

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Jean G Dayton said...

Hello Melinda, I just want to say I absolutely love your work! one my favourites is your LA Pebble Movement range, in Aqua - I love your style - from reading your blog you can see your personality really shines through in your work - bold, confident and hugely stylish. Jean :o)