Thursday, 12 May 2011

Postcard with Love to my friend

My dearest friend that I grew up with in Sydney tragically lost her Mother to a sudden stoke just before Easter. Chris was only 59, assistant head in a school where she has taught for over 35 years and looking at retirement.
The news was so surreal that at first I couldn't grasp it, but once it started to dawn on me as news came from friends and family far and wide, I realised how much it shook my core. Words can not convey how I feel nor what to say to my lifelong friend, as I couldn't just hop on a plane to be there to comfort her, when she needed it most.
So I thought of a poem and made it into a Postcard with Love, pictured above, finished with a keyring, instead of just sending a sympathy card. I wanted Leah to be reminded of her Mother's Love everyday, rather than mourn her loss.
Shortly afterwards it was Mother's Day in Australia and no doubt it would be a sad day, but instead of being glum, she stated everyday was Mother's Day with her Mum! How lucky she was to have been blessed with such a wonderful Mother.
So many fond memories spent with Chris as part of my teenage years, I smile sweetly to myself at those thoughts. She was a welcome part of our family events and we will all miss her. Softly spoken, Chris rarely raised her voice, like a sea breeze whipping over the rolling waves at Cronulla beach.
Chris is now with Leah's Father, resting as true loves.
My thoughts are with you, Leah, Steve, Cheyenne, Brock and the rest of your family.

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