Monday, 8 February 2010

My Inspirational Friend

I was searching to commission an artist to capture my two girls on the beach, when I stumbled across Jean G Dayton's work online nearly 2 years ago now and I am so thrilled that we have become great friends, shared our findings and given each other inspiration.

As we have never met in person, we put a date in the diary to spend the weekend exploring London's many galleries, but unfortunately something cropped up and it was cancelled. Seeing as Jean has me so intrigued, I posted her some questions to enable me to delve deeper into what makes Jean tick. What I didn't expect from Jean's personal side, were similarities in so many areas, it was like reading my own thoughts! I find her a rare jewel of extraordinary talent, that shares generously and is someone who truely inspires me.

Jean specialises in high energy contemporary art, which I love to collect, but that's just the beginning. Here is what she told me...

MMD - Explain your fashion style?
JGD - I would like to think my style is bohemian, I like to wear bright colours, (especially turquoise), teamed up with bangles, bracelets and lariats and statement bags.

MMD - What is your favourite style of art?
JGD - Has to be abstract as you can see so much more in an abstract painting, you can get lost in it.

MMD - Pivotal moment in your career to move full time into painting?
JGD - About 3 years ago I was juggling my art career together with a soul-destroying office job and I woke up one morning and thought that I couldn’t go on like this; on the one hand I was doing something I love with my art and on the other hand I was doing this boring office job that paid the bills and it suddenly hit me that here was this massive contrast in my life pulling me in two directions, no wonder I wasn’t feeling very well a lot of the time – so I decided to dive into the unknown and Go for It, I gave up my office job and what a relief that was, it has served its purpose and it was time for me to spread my wings…and I’m so glad I did, it was the best decision I ever made and I’ve never looked back.

MMD -What message does your art communicate?
JGD - I would say essentially the energy of freedom, as that is how art and being creative makes me feel, my art comes from me and no one else and it’s MY creative expression of MY freedom I feel, so I hope that people pick up on this in some way and find it liberating to look at and enjoy.

MMD - What personal touches would you suggest for your home?
JGD - I like splashes of colour, this maybe in the form of Art, flowers, cushions, an ornament, just splashes of colour that suit the feeling of the room.

MMD - Your most prized possession?
JGD - I don’t really attach myself to things as such, I like a lot of things but to me its all about the people in my life. So I guess my most prized (can’t really call it possession) are my kids, even though they are 20 and 23! I love them dearly and always will and they are my friends as well as my babies. My 2nd most prized possession would be my imagination, my goodness, what would I do without that, being a creative!

MMD - Most difficult hurdle to overcome in business?
JGD - About keeping the belief in yourself going, keeping your goals in sight and never letting your dreams go, I strongly believe that if you believe in yourself then others will believe in you and your work, it’s all about energy!

MMD - How do you do all the electronic stuff and still have time to paint?
JGD - I need the balance just like everyone else and if I was to paint day in day out it would become a chore – to be creative and in the flow I have to go by my intuition for when its right to paint so there are times when I don’t paint, so this is when I really enjoy concentrating on promoting myself online, ie. My website, blog etc, to me this is still a form of being creative as I’m still using my ideas. Basically I never do anything that I don’t really really enjoy doing, if it starts getting stale then I think it’s time to move onto something else – got to go with the flow.

MMD - What, in your opinion. quantifies good taste?
JGD - Things that are made well using top quality materials and that are pleasing to the eye.

MMD - What motivates you to be so positive when you work all alone?
JGD - Music, I love to listen to music when painting, sometimes clubby music, sometimes spiritual and zen-like music, whatever the mood takes me and I feel inspired to listen to – sometimes even the radio, I find this very grounding, produces some very different work! Also having a goal in my mind of the finished painting, this really motivates me and keeps me super positive.

MMD - What can we expect from you in the coming year? Like limited edition prints? Hint hint!
JGD - In the coming year I am hoping to have my Abstract art represented by a top gallery somewhere in the country, preferably in London. I am also developing my Art Shaman workshops and parties for children, which I’m really excited about, this has been a dream for a while now and it’s something I feel will develop and grow over the years.

Personally, I'd love to see Jean produce more amazing yatchs with splashes of colour like this one shown below (her best so far) offering a late evening or early morning effect. You can certainly feel her energy captured in every piece she paints. Get closer to my inspirational artisan friend, see all her latest works, watch her rise to fame and even read what questions Jean asked me, on her blog at or just click this picture.....

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