Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My NEW Summer 2010 Cruise Collection

When I found out about the death of designer Lee McQueen, it really hit home. So many things running through my head, apart from the obvious family morning, there is now a gaping hole he has left in British fashion. What a tragedy! What a waste of a genius!
This brought me back to my own feelings of despair, of lose and knowing something was wrong but unable to put a finger on it. I have certainly endured dark days, which later transpired as postnatal depression.
In a waking moment like this, I threw my head back, took a great big breath and gazed blissfully in ore of the most welcome beautiful blue sky and smile to myself at how truly blessed am I!
I have two gorgeous girls who amaze me every day, a husband that still loves me for who I am (even after 18 years together), family and friends here and abroad who have supported me and whom I adore, they know they are always in my thoughts. Finally and more selfishly, to be allowed to tap into my natural ability to create and so follow my imagination, wherever it may lead.
My juices are always flowing in my creations including handmade jewellery, aromatherapy candles, painting, soap making, poetry, cooking, and more recently architectural design (more of this one a little later) which really floats my boat, even more so now that I feel alive, rejuvenated, confident and free! I am so thankful for these little reminders of how precious life really is.
The weather is my biggest influence of all and effects me daily. But this season I have been surprised and inspired by the most sensational winter I have ever experienced here in the UK. With such positive feelings to bask in and so much to look forward to this year, including starting our project in Italy, comes my NEW Summer 2010 Cruise Collection....
Only available on my recently launched limited editions online gallery
where (I hope) my effervescent spirits translate through each piece.

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