Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Shocked & horrified

My..... world..... is..... falling...... apart... I just found out that the dynamic duo of London that is Bracher Emden have split! Yes I know, it's a little late. But was rambling the marvellous new bag hall in Howells of Cardiff and stumbled across one, on sale!

I was introduced to these incredable bags by Jo-Emma Lavin and have been drawling ever since. Slurp, slurp. Next on my list of must have luxury purchases, the detail can only be described as unbelievably intricate and sparkly. At least now they are a reasonable price, you don't have to be Rhianna or Beyonce to afford one..... if you can find one that is.
My advice for this year's best buy, if you've got a spare £300-£400, invest in one of these babies, because if my prediction proves right, these are great investments. But then, I would suggest swinging it rather than hiding it in the deep dark depths of your wardrobe. Trust me, these are real spotlight wonders.

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