Monday, 9 March 2009

New Candle Recipe

Those of you who have enjoyed burning my aromatherapy candles, should by now know the benefits and amazing powers of pure Essential Oils.
After only a short, but successful time on the market, I am thrilled to introduce another of my very own scent blends called REFRESH... Made with Rosemary, Lime & Lavender.
The concept behind this blend was to create the ideal dinner party accompaniment. We love to cook and entertain in our home where many friends and family have sat around our dinner table and enjoyed the scents of my candles. This led me towards developing a specific scent for such occasions and I believe this new addition blends well when serving food. The trick was not to overpower subtle food smells, rather to compliment, perfect for welcoming guests, entertaining and may even stimulate intellectual conversation. But there are other benefits to this particular blend too.....
This wonderful mix of citrus and wood offers a clean feeling, so is perfect for detoxing, for self indulgent beauty days at home, or for enjoying that "spring clean" feeling without picking up a mop or cleaning cloth. Also, this combination of Rosemary is great for concentration and clear thinking, the Lime revives whilst the Lavender works to calm the nerves and so may aid study or brainstorming in the office.
All candles come in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. This new scent will be available online soon and at specialty stockists.

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