Tuesday, 24 March 2009

New Season, New Reasons...

So the doom and gloom on the markets may be making us think more about how to gain the most from our money, but we still all need a bit of "feel good factor" to get us out of bed. And in a world of rules for rule sack, in my world of styling, there are no rules for classics, and classics are always key in any wardrobe, so you can guarantee the one piece you buy, will stand the test of time.

Thinking about how to keep the business flowing in the right direction in our current economic climate has allowed me to consider the reasons why we choose the jewellery we wear. I recall my Nana discussing how her family survived the Great Depression in Australia, she was from a wealthy family but had to sell some of the family jewellery to feed themselves. This old-fashioned ideal could never be more significant today and is why I have decided to move slightly away from fashion-led jewellery, for this season, as we have become such fast consumers, and rather edging backwards in time, to a more glamorous era when quality really mattered...

I have gathered all the best gemstones and natural pearls available to revisit my routes of cluster designs, similar to "vintage" revival, where elegance, extravagance and fashion collide. Bracelets and necklaces dripping with hundreds of individual components all fighting for the right to sparkle in the light, finished with ornate and fanciful detail makes these classicl pieces, ideal collectibles for the future.

Each piece is a labour of love, the time taken to handcraft these luxurious creations is more like full days (not hours) making them more precious, as gemstones and silver are commodities in their own right, and a good investment. For pure indulgence thus named the DELUXE Collection.

When you polish your style with unique jewellery pieces you get a real rush of freedom and vitality, like taking the top off your sports car when you've just set your hair, sitting on wet grass with white linen trousers, burning a beautiful candle rather than keeping it just for decoration, eating desert before dinner, to live and love, because we can. These are not just for special occasions, because everyday is special and we must cherish the moments we have.

All of these unique pieces have been designed for private customers, both here and abroad. Should you like what you see, please contact me directly via email or go to my etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

OMG I love the garnet cluster earrings!!!!!! I have to have them!!!! Garnet’s my birthstone, I’m excited can you tell!!!??? It’s Mother’s day soon – perhaps you could drop a very unsubtle hint to my other half????? (we don’t usually do presents for mother’s day so maybe he could get them and keep them for our anniversary??? Or even Christmas???? Or my birthday next year????) Maybe there’s a necklace to go with them????
C Rowe x

Anonymous said...

WOW, I stumbled across this blog and can't believe how many designs you have. I've also been on your website but can't find the blue green earrings you have on this blog. I'm wondering if they can be made in silver? D Huntley, Edinburgh

Melinda Mulcahy said...

I am sorry "D Huntley", but I didn't see this comment, until today. I don't have your email to send you this message, so I hope you check back regularly?
If you would like to contact me, please do so via sales@melindamulcahy.com.
The earings you refered to were made especially for a special celebrity customer. Yes, I can make them in silver too.
Thanks for your internest.