Thursday, 20 November 2008

one door closes, another opens

It's disheartening at times, bordering on slitting my wrists down right frustrating when, customers, usually stockists , decide not to restock my jewellery, as they have chosen a more lucrative path of "mass produced" brands like Pilgrim found on every High Street (ggrrrr) leaving no room for us little crafty "independents". Sometimes it feels like my coat tails are still trapped in the door just slammed in my face.
Strangely, similar to karma, another door always seems to open for me, like meeting Jayne or becoming email buddies with Jean, or finding another place to sell my jewellery like Etsy, or being invited to showcase at Celtic Manor events.
Someone explained early in my sales career the "when one door shuts, another opens" theory, which has held me in good stead remembering this and is my most valuable tool when working alone. The old saying "Your only as good as your last sale" I adapt to many areas of business including my designs. Perhaps this might explain why I am so prolific at producing new designs and why I choose not to have a signature style preferring to be a chameleon.
With the power of positive thought, I always seem to recover with a little bit of effort, survival mode and intuition kick in and I am able to see the new horizons everywhere. And actually, when I think about it, this happens in relationships too!
I don't like to say I never look back, as that suggests ignorance. Learning from a situation is always wise in business, but looking forward for new opportunities is far more exciting.....

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