Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Designer Jewellery

Introducing Contemporary Designer Jewellery by Melinda Mulcahy...

As a keen surveyor of quality, art, design and fashion, I have become increasingly obsessed about creating the best possible contemporary designer jewellery since I first studied it in 2003. My ethos is based on designing and handcrafting stunning designer jewellery that is showstopping, unforgettable, colourful, wearable yet affordable.

My range of contemporary designer jewellery blends quality materials including an amazing array of Gemstones, Cultured Pearls, Corals, Shells, Murano Glass, Swarovski Crystals predominately finished on Sterling Silver, but occasionally toying with Yellow Gold.

As a contemporary jewellery designer, I believe accessorizing is the most effective way of adding a polished finish to an outfit and precious metal designer jewellery always yields longevity. An editor once quoted about my jewellery: "Melinda creates clever, beautiful and vibrant jewellery that you'll want to wear, give, keep and treasure" (WM Summer 2007) and these elements are key in every jewellery piece I handcraft.

My driving passion is to produce the best possible quality contemporary designer jewellery, and I strive to craft each piece with precision workmanship to compliment the quality of materials used. I firmly believe you get what you pay for, and by stretching your budget a little further for my precious designer jewellery, priced slightly above mass produced base metal brands, you will be pleasantly surprised to be able to cherish something that will stand the test of time.

With emphasis on colour when designing, I believe this plays as much an integral part as shape does to a design and this has become my trademark in my designer jewellery creations. Furthermore, so as not to limit wear-ability, I mix complimentary and unusual colour combinations so that the jewellery becomes so much more versatile and ultimately more wearable too.

I truly believe great contemporary designer jewellery will make the wearer feel special and my designer jewellery practically guarantees to make you sparkle with confidence! You can hold your head high when sporting a statement piece that is special, unique and a limited edition, unlike an average high street brand.

For those with a conscience..... As a society keen to conserve our beautiful planet, by purchasing a piece of my designer jewellery, as opposed to throw-away base metal pieces that fall apart as soon as you look at them, you are in fact conserving our environment more efficiently! In addition, whilst I may be using natural resources, the production of which is highly scrutinized and monitored, they produce far less pollutants, can be recycled and is ultimately revered and respected by purchasers.

The new website boasts over 200 stunning original contemporary designer jewellery pieces broken down into collections including: New Season's, best sellers under the Gift Ideas, Bridal, Special Editions which include sort after Tourmaline, along with the latest London trend, Coloured Diamonds. Prices start from £12 for pearl & crystal earrings, £30 for bracelets, £36 for necklaces and £45 for coloured diamond earrings, providing a piece of designer jewellery for every occasion, age, style and budget.

What the Fashion Editors says:
Voted 2nd in WM's top twelve for 06 Christmas party season jewellery.
"Kerching... a last minute Valentines gift" Western Mail Newspaper, Feb 07.
"Melinda's designer jewellery bridges the gap between costume and fashion" says Editor for Ladies First Magazine, December 07.
The Marrekech extendable ring made with WM's top ten for Cocktail Rings, Winter 07.
"L.A. Pebble earrings are THE MUST HAVE PIECE for spring" says Editor for WM magazine Spring 08.
"Melinda's latest edition to her Bridal Collection will send hearts aflutter" says Fashion Editor of Tiara magazine, Summer 08.

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