Saturday, 16 July 2011

Doodles in Silver

At least once a month we have Yum Cha (Chinese dim sim) at our favourite restaurant in Canton and always pack some drawing materials for the kids to doodle on the throwaway paper table cloth. The last time we went Laura drew this really lovely bird (top) so I ripped it off and decided to transform it into a Silver bookmark for her Grandfather, whom we call Poppi. I thought it would be nice to personalise it further with a message of love from his two beautiful grand-daughters. We presented it upon his long awaited arrived recently from Sydney, as they are spending the Summer with us to help in Italy, and he was really moved, and also curious (ever the Engineer) as to how I managed to make it. Mum wants all the grand-kids names in the shabby hearts instead.
Judging from my friends responses, they will be a real hit! I was so pleased with the result, I have decided to start selling them on my website when I return from my working holiday in the September so I can take orders in time for Christmas. I know from my own experience, the deluge of drawings the kids product during their precious early years, we can't keep them all, that there is always a special one that really captures your heart and you would love to keep, but then it gets lost or coffee split on it or ripped and scrunched and the treasured drawing is lost. This way, it can be encapsulated to be treasured forever as a lovely AND useful keepsake. You can of course also capture their first attempt to write their name or whatever you so wish, add a date, message, the possibilities are endless. I already have orders from friends who I always run new designs by, and they are now scouring their kids keepsake draws for their favourite art piece.
The bookmark weights approx 5-6 grams of solid .999 Fine Silver, measures approx 60mm x 15mm and will cost £69 and can also be made into a keyring +£12. You need to do, is find that special drawing, make a copy with thick black ink on white paper, scan it and email it to me at with your message and I will do the rest.

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