Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Welcome Betsy!

Isn't she just lovely? I have named her Betsy, which I know is not exactly French, but it was the first name that popped into my head, so I guess she named herself and told me through telepathy!
For over two years now I have been searching for my dream antique mannequin and have spent numerous hours on Ebay learning all about this kind of sort after and rare collectible to style new jewellery designs as necklaces always present a challenge to show properly.
Like all the items of luxury I covert, this was no acception as it had to be an original from the couture houses of Paris, and well worn, so that I know it had a wonderful life before entering my home, in fact, this one is over a hundreds years old, circa 1900.
And of course Stockman is the most famous of all mannequin brands but most importantly with a wasp waist and I can just imagine the whirl of seamstresses that pinned and fitted couture gowns on her, perhaps her favourite designer was called Betsy and the ghost has stayed with her??

I am now very much looking forward to working with Betsy in the future and no doubt you will be seeing her on my website shortly, for instance, with this gorgeous new gold vermeil "Love Buddha" necklace, only 5 made in Gold vermeil and 5 in Sterling Silver.
Check my website shortly if you like the necklace, but Betsy is definitely not for sale.
Now, where to put her??

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