Wednesday, 17 June 2009

For Rhiannon..........

Little ritual

Beep beep, it's 6.30am
Here we go again
He's working out the gym
Would kill for a lie in!
Long gone without sleep
Last night barely a peep
Never mind
Oops, is that the time?
Awaken under steamy shower
Little voices growing louder
Mummy, Mummmmeeeeeee
Greetings with a loving kiss
Drop the wet towel
Add a puff of powder
One leg hops into jeans
Wonder if they're clean?
Coffee on switch
Stretch from table to fridge
Toast pops out
Baby shouts
Another morning rush
Milky teeth brushed
Must wake up earlier
Forget earrings and mascara
Quick glimpse at the mirror
No end to my black-eyed horror
Replaced youthful vanity
with mind-numbing insanity
Hairs a blink'in mess
No time for my breakfast
Dressed for the days weather
Swamped in rain armour
Fight the usual traffic hell
Damn, we missed the school bell?
A brief chat with the ladies
Arrange kids over for play days
Then back to the house
Where workloads mount
Steal myself a moment
Today's chore list opens
Ahhhh, coffee at long last
Oh how these days pass so fast

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I adore it! it is soooo me. thank you so much.x