Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Coloured Diamonds

Black Diamonds are the latest "craze" in the London jewellery scene at the moment, although I have been working with these for the last 3 years!
Unfortunately, as they are still fairly unknown, there seems to be some confusion regarding the Diamond Collection that I am showing on my website. Apparently, customers believe they are not real?
For the record, if they are called Diamonds on my website, and in accordance with Trade Descriptions, that is exactly what they are!
Most customers may not have seen Diamonds in this form before, but I can assure you, they are real Diamonds, just not cut like what you would see in traditional jewellery. They are weighed the same, in Carats, the difference is that these are beads i.e with a hole in the middle for threading, and obviously far less expensive.

Black Diamond 2 drop pendant Black Pearls on Sterling Silver, approx 5 Carats.

How? Traditional "cut" diamonds use only the best types of raw diamond leaving the rest for dust, literally (on diamond drills for instance). With the onslaught of colours to hit the market, and the ever expanding bead market's zest for new stones and cuts, the suppliers/cutters (mostly in India) decided to experiment with diamond beads, and has been the biggest product to hit the bead market since Precious Clay was introduced. At the last International Jewellery London Trade Fair in September, retailers were queing to purchase ready made necklaces (crafted in India) for the Christmas season.

2 drop Black Diamond and Labradorite earrings, on oxidised Sterling Silver.

Being a Diamond, the hardest substance known to mankind, they sparkle beautifully like a diamond should, but because they are mostly solid in colour, although they have inclusions and some transperancy, they don't have the "fire" of a traditional cut white diamond, i.e allows more refraction of light. Each bead is "roughly" faceted, to keep the price competitive and they are usually found in 2mm button shapes.

Yellow, Green & Brown Diamond necklet with short single gold pearl drop, approx 3.5 Carats in weight.

I handcraft unique pieces for each individual customer, in keeping with my signature and have several colours available including Black, Grey, Yellow, Green, Brown, exclusively cut into 1mm cubes. As the holes are so tiny, I thread 0.3mm wire, either Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold and each necklace takes a minimum of 3 hours to make, as all diamonds are individually wired to make a chain. I can also oxidise the Silver for a blackened finish, again very en vogue this year. Alternatively, I indispurse the individually wired diamonds with diamond cut chain, thereby reducing the overall price of the finished piece.

Layered Black Diamonds for sparkling "Harry Winston" Red Carpet moments!

Coloured Diamonds look amazing multi-layered, as a tight necklet or with drops of pearls, whichever you prefer and to your exact requirements. Please feel free to email me regarding these gorgeous and most precious gems only available from my online boutique, e:melinda@melindamulcahy.com. Prices start from as little as £45 for 30point earrings with drop pearls, so your not exactly breaking the budget.

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