Saturday, 10 May 2008

Dressing with accessories

Ideas for accessorizing with my designer jewellery...

Often, customers come to me with an outfit and ask my advice on what accessories will match.
So I was thinking about doing a regular feature to help freshen up some simple outfits.

My ideas will not only show just how versatile a good statement piece of jewellery can actually be, but how to polish off an outfit, rather than just finish one.
For instance, here is a Custo (Barcelona) tank which is one of my favourite designers and i've chosen to add the long LA Pebble earrings in Dyed Pink Chalcedony & Orange Carnelian which gives it a really playful, yet chic style.
Or how about adding a dash of colour to a simple white dress, like this one from Monsoon, which can be worn day or night.
With more styles to come, please do tune into my regular blogs on dressing with my contemporary designer jewellery.
Contemporary Designer Jewellery

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